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Feb 25, 2013 10:00am PST
. reservations for weddings and other events a >> as you all know, the german marshall fund vehicle very kind to provide us with this -- has been very kind to provided us with this opportunity to have four of their european experts in bicycle planning, bicycle implementation and bicycle programs and they are experts on all aspects of the bicycle. and here in san francisco, you know, we are at this point trying to after a hiatus of three years because of court-ordered injunctions trying to implement our bike plan. so we all a collective goal, i believe, to increase the environmental and nick sustainability of the world around us that we participate in and especially in san francisco, but we do have a special responsibility because this place provides us with the opportunity that most other places don't. the geometry and geography of san francisco is up that it is easier for us being in a city of short trips to veil ourselves to other alternatives to the car. so when we want to reclaim the street and the public right-of-way and the public realm for people and basic human needs of access to the
Feb 5, 2013 2:30pm PST
for this black history month i am very reluctant to talk about this subject. i was a teacher at marshall academic high school and which at that time was a low income high crime county. and marshall high school was set up for black and latin use to succeed in high school and slowly that population has been squeezed out of that school. that school was a preschool. i think there needs to be a look at marshall high school and we need to ask ourselves what's going on over there how many our black people and latin are not being served thank you, very much. . next speaker >> good afternoon supervisor stop corporate rape of our library. private shut up of our community and perhaps because of the public library has began to make our information public. a discretionary fund and these funds are budgeted at $65,000 yes and no and the library expand this amount. this is the extend detail and he spends it on the undefined business expense. this may be one explanations why there is an over flow of spending funds ridiculously. the bigger request is why the forensics are not allowed - are allowed to continue wi
Feb 15, 2013 7:00pm PST
in the marshall islands for over a decade after world war ii. the pacific nation was under u.s. control at the time. one of dozens of islands making up the marshalls. it was contaminated in 1954 by radioactive fallout from a test conducted in the bikini atoll 200 kilometers away. the residents were forced to evacuate to other islands. it was an the 1990s the u.s. responsible for the damage and beginning the clean-up work. they are urging former residents to come home. but that's not happening. nhk world visited the island to find out why. >> reporter: rongelap is awaiting the return of 400 ex-residents living elsewhere. houses are already being built. and about 70 workers are there now to get the infrastructure ready. they undergo safety checks for internal exposure once every three months. it's been three years since u.s. officials declared it safe for the islanders to come back. rongelap officials are naturally keen on reviving the island. >> the resettling the population is pretty much the priority we've set. >> reporter: there is interest from abroad, too. a team from a japanese pea
Feb 13, 2013 2:30pm PST
thompson, brenda jackson and miss virginia marshal and then jake kosac and leona hunter, nathan apple and linda cook and you have two minutes each. >> good evening to president nkoyo iyamba and vice president fewer and carranza and all board members and all assembled. i stand proudly as the president of the san francisco alliance of black school educators to introduce you to two women who will enlighten you on the grass roots organization that are in commitment to the students of san francisco, but most importantly, supportive to our african american youth. first i would like to present, our vice president, virginia marshal, chair person, of the world reknowned african american honor roll. brenda jackson of the third, and musical and step competition. >> and school is in session, good evening. >> what is the news? i have good news to share. before i get to the good news, i just want to say to president norton and fewer and superintendent carranza and staff and the president of uesf and ladies ladies and gentlemen and our beloved ester. i have a special thank you for what happened nex
Feb 4, 2013 2:30am PST
you're doing and work with us and don't lose that concern for the community. dr. marshall. >> well, let me begin by saying i'm not a fan of drug users at all, at all, at all, and i don't think anybody who knows me knows that. a lot of pain, a lot of heartache and i really don't take any excuse. with that being said this report seems to say -- the questions being raised that there were more arrests of african-americans for drug sales as compared to other jurisdictions. it's a legitimate question to ask why. i think the next step -- it's a little clouded to me by the data collection thing anyway because it seems like we have data issues we have been wrestling with. with that notwithstanding the immediate thing to do see if the same disparities still exist. i think that would certainly be the next step, and then you could -- well, yeah. i think that's the main thing. if you get the numbers for the last four years would they be in fact similar or the same? i'm very familiar with michelle alexander and the book and i don't know there is not a tenderloin in every city and probably
Feb 10, 2013 11:10pm EST
normal. 11 news reporter sarah sampson is live at b-w-i thurgood marshall airport with an update on that part of the story... sarah? sunday is typically a very busy day for air travel-- but today flight schedules here at bwi thurgood marshall were almost back to normal. that means most people flying in or out of the northeast were thanking their lucky stars that they just missed the storm. when it comes to travel across the northeast this weekend ... these completely different type of clean-up. in the last few hours, powerful tornadoes have ripped through parts of mississippi. this was the picture on our h-d doppler around 6-30 this evening. the storm system you're looking at produced several tornado warnings. you can see the blue dot over hattiesburg... well, this was the scene as the funnel cloud made its way through the town. homes and businesses were mangled... and the university of southern mississippi campus sustained heavy damage. right now, we're hearing more than a dozen people were injured, but officials say they are not aware of any deaths. john, just some wild weather
Feb 5, 2013 6:00pm EST
is only 71,000. they had to close the gates because it became a fire marshal crowd. aboutvens did not care the fire marshal. they were intoxicated by the the fans. >> the general feeling is nevering i have experienced before. i'm not sure whether to believe it or not yet. there were times yesterday that i was just thinking about it. i am kind of nervous right now. i am nervous that it will be away from us. it is a weird feeling. it is unbelievable. disneyflacco was in world yesterday. slept in today's. let's go to hockey. a big-time that is problem. last in the eastern conference. the capitals have allowed the goals and a loss to toronto a few days ago. some good news in that. -- otherwise, i do not know. say. hard to think the guys are playing good hockey. 19 points, 18 rebounds, and how about that assist? a spicy passed to martin. that is tasty. that is our pledge of the day. the world championship in austria, she fractured her leg, a torch for a c.e.o.. she will be back for the 2014 olympics in russia. the party goes on in bal >> we have got time to hear what have to say about the forec
Feb 28, 2013 10:00am PST
've been in your office. i said, it takes joe marshal to bring democrats and republicans together. here she is. >> thank you very much, joe. ordinarily i wouldn't mind hearing joe marshal say some nice things that are on this piece of paper but the fact is we've come to hear from all of you. it's an honor to be here at the omega boy's club. it started right about the time i went to congress, about 26 years ago, over 25 years ago. joe marshal is way up there on mount olympus, one of the gods, one of the real people who does the most important work, help young people reach their aspirations, their fulfillment to reduce the violence in the communities in which they live. so joe marshal, thank you for your on-going and well recognized nationally and locally and every way globally, really, for the effectiveness of your leadership. thank you, joe marshal, for your hospitality and for your friendship and most of all for your leadership for america's children. just a few weeks ago and actually one week ago, the president took his and all of us who are engaged in any aspect of public life tak
Feb 15, 2013 4:30pm PST
.b.r.," new york. >> tom: we'll have more on emerging markets in just a bit with market monitor guest marshall front of money manager front barnett and associates. stocks struggled to gain ground again today, as we learned the nation's manufacturers tapped the brakes in january. production slowed fronovember and december's robust pace with factory output falling 0.4% last month. on wall street, the dow rose eight points, the nasdaq fell six, the s&p down 1.5 points. the major averages were basically flat on the week. the dow and nasdaq down less than 0.1% the s&p 500 up 0.1%. in washington, this week's theme was the middle class. president obama underlined that in his state of the union address as did republicans in their response. there is wide-spread agreement america needs to do more to ease the anxieties of middle class families. but as darren gersh reports, solutions that help workers climb into the middle class and stay there are easy to talk about, but hard to implement. >> reporter: it may not solve all the problems, but a rapidly growing economy is a good place to start when it comes
Feb 14, 2013 10:00am PST
marshal who is a spur representative and the other program was with john madden and regina callan and others. we are still reviewing to some exvent the laguna honda which is not completed and that is under the general hospital program and the library program which cory marshall was charged with. so another change that was made this year is we started to use the set aside -- there is a set aside in each bond of.1% of bond revenues and allocated to us so that is going to be -- 2 billion bonds it's $2 million if i have my zeros correct and we started to use that appropriately and by appropriately everything we were very clear on needed to save -- look for cost savings mostly in what we were doing, so we currently have -- we're conducts oversight activities to guide the city departments to stay on scope and budget and we have two proposals in budget and one is about community engagement which has in the past been an issue with bonds that the community engagement process is actually been problematic for keeping the bonds on time and to some extent on scope and certainly on budget so
Feb 22, 2013 6:00pm EST
, but it will only take a little bit of precipitation to cause problems. bwi marshall down to 30. below freezing in westminster. south and east, not as much of a problem. in northern baltimore county, howard, frederick, be on alert out for icy patches. this could be mixed at times with some freezing rain. will all be gone in time for tomorrow and the weekend action shows some improvement. >> we will see you then. you can always try to the storms and the time and you can see interactive radar in full screen and get the updated forecast every day at tonight, the sweeping gun control bill is heading to the floor, but not without some changes. >> last night's vote sends it to the senate floor for debate. david collins joins us live from annapolis. the changes that were made, are they significant? >> this is going to sound like a political answer, but it depends on who you ask. they say it makes it better but it is still unconstitutional piece of legislation. >> the final assault weapon. >> discussion on the sweeping gun control legislation lasted nearly five hours. after making several c
Feb 15, 2013 6:00pm EST
to the state fire marshal it travels in quite a distance before the flame is out. no particular incident brought this on but it could be dang dangerous especially in a dry season. >> today work began to rebuild a boardwalk destroyed by superstorm sandy. workers began drilling holes in the sand and putting pipes in the ground in seaside heights. the project could cost as much as $7 and the mile-long walk way is hoping to be finished by may, the start of the season. it felt like summer out there tonight. >> the sign and temperatures around the 60's were delightful. a promise when spring will be here but winder is coming back tonight. we have a time-lapse from one of our cameras here in arlington. looking back to the west, you can see the clouds rolling in. very little any rain but that is still back to the west. the fact is, on the radar the leading edge of the rain is still back towards loudoun county and into marshall. further west, they have the cold air where we're seeing the changeover to snow. it is happening and it will be slow, steady progress. we're
Feb 22, 2013 5:00pm EST
other side of freezing for most of the day at bwi marshall. after a morning low of 28, those numbers, at least my temperature is way below normal. 13 below the average of the day. the debacle late february to a merger and now in the 40's but quite a bit chillier than that and that is why we have been dealing with this mixed precipitation a temperature still at or below freezing. 32 at bwi marshall. much more mild on the shore and down towards the coast. north and west of town, you'll find those temperatures at or below freezing for a few hours tonight which is why they have a winter weather advisory out. no. baltimore county, carol and frederick county, up into southern pennsylvania, even if it is like presentation, a sprinkle or some slate could cause a slick spot on the bay. the pavement temperatures in most locations are above freezing in the system is only producing very light precipitation right now. is part of the big storm in the middle of the country dropping a foot and half of snow, but is a much weaker version number right now coming through maryland. near freezing, light p
Feb 21, 2013 6:00am EST
, to turn inward. instead the secretary of state, george marshall, sought in both defeated and allied countries the threat of bankruptcy, homes and railways destroyed, economies decimated. he had the foresight to know that there could be no political stability, no peace without renewed economic strength. he knew that we had an obligation to partner with europe, help them rebuild, modernize, give the push that it needed to become the powerful and peaceful trading partner it is today. after the war, my friends, we did not spike the football, we created another level playing field. we are stronger for it today. when i was 12 years old i had the privilege of living in germany, where my father, an officer, was called to duty. one day i visited the eastern side of berlin. the part that had not received any of the help from the united states and its courageous marshall plan. the difference was undeniable, even to my 12-year-old eyes. there were few people on the streets, a few smiles on the faces of those were there. i saw the difference between hope, despair, freedom, and oppression. people
Feb 15, 2013 6:00am PST
states carried out nearly 70 nuclear tests in the marshall islands spanning more than a decade after world war ii. the pacific nation was under u.s. control at the time. ron gallap is one of dozens making up the marshals. it was contaminated in 1954 by radioactive fallout from a test conducted in the bikini a toll. the residents were forced to evacuate two other islands. it was only in the 1990s that the u.s. admitted responsibility for the damage and began cleanup work. it now says the decontamination is almost over and is urging former residents to come over. >> they're awaiting the return of residents currently living elsewhere. houses are already being built. and about 70 workers asked them now -- they have done safety checks once every three months. it's been three years since foishlgs declared it safe for the islanders to come back. officials from rongelap -- there is interest from abroad to a team from a japanese peace organization came in january. the members, including medical experts, wanted to verify the effects of the -- they measured radiation levels in 18 locations arou
Feb 28, 2013 4:00am PST
as 15 points in the second half. but somehow, the nittany lions rallied. jermaine marshall. we're tied at 74-74. d.j. newbill to the rock. and michigan starting to unravel. under a minute to go. marshall drives, spins. the acrobatic lay-in. penn state with its first conference win. 1-14. the crowd storming the court. another top-five team going down in college hoops. >>> enjoy the rest of your day. i'm doug kezirian. >> what a rollercoaster season in college hoops. >>> coming up next, "the pulse" this morning. and red carpet copycats. images of high fashion you have to see to believe. >>> how's this for a take your daughter to work day? a budding tattoo artist, under the age of 10. and now hot pink toes. seems tough for a tough dog like duke. but when it has anything to do with gwen, he's putty in her hands. for a love this strong, duke's family only feeds him iams. compared to other leading brands, it has 50% more animal protein... help keep his body as strong as a love that can endure anything... even every fashion trend. iams. keep love strong. [ male announcer ] every time yo
Feb 5, 2013 2:00am PST
that was very impressive and then last thursday, myself, the chief, dr. marshall and commissioner kingsley attended a luncheon where the chief spoke for the saint thomas moore society. the chief spoke about gun violence and did an excellent job taking on members of the nra and quite frankly, several appellant court justices were impressed with the chief's knowledge of the law so he did a great job. dr. marshall and kingsley participated and i think that we had a lot of impact on the attorneys in that room. >> it was good. >> very good. >> that is my report. commissioners? >> loftus? >> quickly i wanted to say that one of the things that we get to do on the police commission is i think attending this graduation was the first time that i was there and i just want to say to the members of the public and i want to ask the chief if you could share with my fellow commissioners the speech that you gave, i feel that some that have been on the commission for a long time, the things that you care the most deeply about he cheerly does too and told the officers that is what they need to care about and
Feb 6, 2013 5:30pm PST
. >> vice president marshal? >> he's in back, he's on his way. >> commissioner de jesus? >> in route. >> commissioner chan? >> present. >> commissioner kingsley? >> present. >> commissioner turner? >> here. >> commissioner [speaker not understood]? >> here. >> mr. president, you have a quorum and also with us this evening is the chief of police gregory p. sur and the director of the office of citizens complaints joyce higgs. >> thank you very much. welcome to the february 6, 2013 san francisco police commission meeting. we have an agenda tonight with the presentation regarding our officer involved shooting protocol and investigations. and we have no disciplinary matters or personnel matters so it should be relatively smooth agenda. so, please call line item number 1. >> line item 1, general public comment. the public is now welcome to address the commission regarding item that do not appear on tonight's agenda but that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. speakers shall address their remarks to the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners or
Feb 13, 2013 1:30am PST
>> school is still in session. mrs. virginia marshal. to the board members, proper protocol has been established, thank you, thank you, and thank you thank you thank you for being so supportive of the san francisco alliance of black school educators my name is brenda jackson and i am the chair person of the musical and this year we added on step contests. i was told that i was only given two minutes i will yield, i will yield the floor to mr. matthew garrett, who will come up and present his original poem to the board of education. and if you on february 23rd at thurgood marshal high school from grades k-12, please come out and support us. matthew? >> matthew one second. >> miss wilson i would like to give the student of not having a time limit, so if we can make sure that the timer does not interrupt him. >> my name is matthew garrett and i would like to say thank you for the board of education for letting me speak. my poem. my school is kip bay view academy. and the bay view district. and very glad to attend there. this is my poem. i am different. can you see me? can you hear
Feb 6, 2013 9:00am EST
.... & 3 if your name is garland marshall senior... you have lesss han 15 minuues left too prize.ii ou don't... our "freebruaay" contest rolls -33&pinto tomorrrw. & enttr your name... jjst go to facebook dottcom slash fox -3baltimore. -3 you're watchinn fox 45 gooddday baltimooe. -3 3& ((break 5)) 3 3 ((ad ib 3 meteorologist)) & 3&pcooing uu.... if you ove youu petssliie ee do... you want to keep themm safeeann healtty! pealthy!up nexx... our pee -3 answer any uestioon you may & have.just call the nnmber on yoor screen... 410-448-4545. 3 3 --garland 3 marshall senior--try to take care 3offyour pet's teeth.we are back with dr. mry zink fromtte balttmore humane society.she is here to answer questions you may haveeaboott your pet... so now is youu just ccal 410-481-45-45 right now.- what other ways 3 can we lean our pett eeth??- 3 3 -& 3 george - "will caa aane causse any haam tt my cat and ow do - i et rid of it once i'vee -3changed is food bbwl?" bowll" &p3 brian - "my dog 3ccews is paws after walks tt - but won't wear booties. any suggessions?" sug
Feb 6, 2013 11:00pm EST
. a normal day. as far as that high temperature goes. 28 at bwi marshall. at the airport we're down to 30. we could slip below that before midnight. on this day three years ago it was cold and snowing. eldridge at 38 inches of snow. almost crazy to even say it. that was the first of two storms to roll through in a week. we got the second round in that one week. upwards of 50 inches. in one week three years ago. february 2010. many areas topped the 30 inch mark. these are some of the representative amount to around the area. officially at the airport it was 25 inches. it is clear out there. 38 at the inner harbor. b w i marshall is cooled off to 30. to the north you see that cold air that is developing. frost or get 22. on the lower eastern shore in southern delaware. some of the coldest spot could be close to 20 degrees as we head through the overnight toward tomorrow morning. around 30 in downtown baltimore. we will see cloudiness increasing tomorrow and thickening across the area. it is on our doorstep. in response to storms forming on the gulf coast and the upper midwest, they will combine
Feb 25, 2013 10:30am PST
welcoming remarks. he happens to be our own german marshall fellow. honorable davis chiu. [applause] >> good morning. it is a real pleasure for me to be here for a number of reasons. first of all, a couple of years ago i was honored to be part of a group of american policy folks that was invited under the german marshall foundation to go to europe and to meet with policymakers in brussels and other points in europe to share ideas that we had from the united states. and it was a remarkably fruitful exchange and i think many of us that went on that trip brought back ideas to the united states that we are trying to legislate here locally. i'm also excited to see all of you here in part because some of you know, i'm one member of the board that doesn't have a car, that rides my bicycle many days of the week -- [applause] >> and like all of you, i think we are remarkably excited about the fact that the bike plan is moving forward, the fact that today is the start of the trial on market street, the fact that we are really moving our city's biking agenda forward. and i think with those of our frien
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,208 (some duplicates have been removed)